At the Gracious Table we strongly value two things–unique food and community. We are committed to provide quality hospitality, delicious, out-of-the-ordinary food and a story behind every meal. While you enjoy five themed courses you will be treated with a brief cooking demonstration, history and source of your meal. We want our guests to feel a part of something greater—sharing passion for health, sustainability, and community through cooking and sharing a gracious meal.

Few things bring people together like sitting around a table. Even strangers become friends when they dine and share life stories together.  Many times folks know each other from the grocery store or post office but have never had the chance to sit and talk to each other.  This is the model for the Gracious Table.  Mandy Bell has created a place where folks come as strangers and leave as friends.  The Gracious Table is a place of interactive dining experience complete with recipes, tips and cooking tricks.  So come on, learn something, meet someone and have a grand meal in the process!