We love to cater at the Hidden Chapel or at your venue:

  • private parties
  • wedding rehearsal dinners or the bride’s brunch
  • ladies “night out”
  • luncheons
  • business meetings
  • dinners for up to 50 people.  We are licensed with an A+ rating and can prepare the meal of your choice or make suggestions on unique dining options.  We are also licensed to sell wholesale baked goods to businesses for resale.
    Find our baked goods at Aunt T’s Coffee and Craft Corner in Libby.

Contact Mandy at 406-263-7485 or 293-4744 to solve your catering needs.

A few of our choices for baked goods:

Cookie Butter Cinnamon Rolls
Cardamom&Orange Morning Buns
Chocolate Babka
Oatmeal or flaky scones–lemon blueberry, cherry walnut, cranberry orange, rosemary walnut, cheddar salami
Quiche–just about any filling including Mushroom Leek, Spinach Goat Cheese, Broccoli Cheddar, Greek, Chicken Asperagus and Red Pepper Sausage  (full sized (3.5″deep) or individual)
Power Cookies–gluten free with nuts, chia, flax, sunflower, hemp seeds and oatmeal with chocolate and                    dried cherries
Muffins–your preference
Spicy Pumpkin, Banana and Lemon Breads
Carrot, Chocolate, Irish Cream and Cheese Cakes