Mandy Bell

Mandy BellMandy is a teacher, trainer, mentor and passionate cook who has honed her skills over the past couple of decades working in both restaurant and commercial kitchens.  She has created unique and delicious menus from all over the world—Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Thai and Greek, to name a few.  Treating her guests to the best meal, hospitality and atmosphere while expanding flavor palates with “something a little different” are her greatest goals with the Gracious Table.  Cooking classes for both adults and kids have been a great addition to the Libby Community, as well as specialty sourdough breads and bagels that she sells at her Pop-Up Bakery (fall/winter) and the Farmer’s Market at Libby (spring/summer).

Fresh Bagels

Fresh bagels can be found at the Pop-Up and Farmer’s Market!